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Oceanside at a Glance

At just over 42 square miles and home to 175,000 residents, Oceanside is the third largest city in San Diego County in terms of both land area and population.

Our city boasts many attractions including the largest of the California Missions, The longest wooden pier on the West Coast, and a beautiful harbor with over a thousand boat slips. In addition to these signature attractions, a booming culinary and visual art scene has made Oceanside a world class tourist destination.

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Long known as a welcoming community for embracing military families stationed aboard Camp Pendleton and the burgeoning tourist trade mentioned previously, Oceanside has maintained its charm as a unified and suburban community which families are proud to call home.

About District 4

Home to over 42,000 residents, District 4 is comprised of the neighborhoods of Ivey Ranch, Rancho Del Oro, and portions of San Luis Rey. Its westernmost boundary is Douglas Drive, and it continues east to Melrose Drive. It is bounded to the north by North River Road and continues south to Olive Drive where it is bordered by our neighboring city of Vista.

Oceanside California District 4 Map

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Often referred to as the “Central District” in official city literature due to its relation to the other three districts, District 4 is more aptly described as the beating heart of our city. It is a dynamic and diverse area that is home to thriving commerce and communities.  


Composed primarily of late 20th and early 21st century residential developments including several senior communities, District 4 also boasts our city’s primary industrial zone. Landmarks of the district include a developing public park and open space at El Corazon, Heritage Park Village & Museum, Mission San Luis Rey and Martin Luther King Jr. Park.  

About District Elections

On May 3, 2017, pursuant to the California Voting Rights Act of 2001, the City of Oceanside came into compliance with state law by adopting “by-district” elections. This means that each area of the city will have a representative who can focus on the needs of their neighbors while acting to benefit the city as a whole. Oceanside’s Mayor is still chosen “at-large” by a vote of all registered residents.


In 2018 Oceanside voters elected Councilmembers to Districts 1 and 2. District 3 and 4 are up for election in 2020, but District 4 is the only district which is not currently represented in City Council.

How to Verify Your District

Not sure which district you live in? You're not the first to ask for clarification. For that reason, the City of Oceanside has provided the resource below to help residents identify which district their homes and businesses are located in. 

Click the blue "OK" button below to get started. Once the map loads just enter your address in the box at the top left and press "enter."

Register To Vote Today!

Our city is on a precipice, and it's up to us to vote in the right leaders to take our city forward. To ensure you're eligible to vote in the 2020 primary and general elections be sure to register now. 

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