My Priorities

I have a proven record of working to improve our community. As a member of several notable nonprofit boards and city and county commissions I have tackled issues including patient rights, domestic violence, human trafficking, and homelessness.

You can count on me to defend the dignity of Oceanside’s diverse communities including the military family community, women, seniors, children, LGBTQ+, immigrants, the disabled, and communities of color. Under my watch, Oceanside will be a welcoming and unified community.


As your City Councilmember, I will ensure that our city makes a strong economic recovery from COVID-19. I will also work to resolve our epidemic homelessness crisis, promote smart growth solutions that reduce sprawl and ensure open space, reduce traffic congestion by revamping our transportation infrastructure, and strengthen and enhance fire protection by investing in public safety.

Economic Recovery From COVID-19

A strong economic recovery from COVID-19 will require an innovative and proactive approach to problem-solving. My plan to revive our impacted economy  includes actively recruiting good paying jobs to Oceanside and supporting our small business community through grants and city sponsored "buy local" ad campaigns. I would also like to see Oceanside extend our municipal broadband capabilities to  families who are struggling financially through the crisis. It's important that our most vulnerable residents have access to important information regarding their health and well-being and that news comes primarily by electronic means.

Oceanside has the potential to lead the way amongst California cities when it comes to forging a path forward through trying times.  I would like to see us live up to that potential. 

Addressing Homelessness

Oceanside faces a homelessness crisis that we can no longer ignore. In order to address homelessness properly, our local government needs to work closely with entities at the county, state, and federal level to generate solutions to the most glaring causes of homelessness including mental illness, drug abuse, and a shortage of affordable housing. As an Oceanside Housing Commissioner and member of the Assembly District 76 Advisory Council on Housing and Homelessness, I work closely with community leaders, police, fire, and social services personnel to get to the root of the issue, and devise sustainable solutions. Solutions such as transitional housing with wraparound services to expedite a return to self-sufficiency. 

Solving Our Housing Shortage

Oceanside has long been the type of community that people are proud to call home, but many hardworking families can barely afford to live in Oceanside anymore.  As a member of the Housing Commission I have worked to increase our supply of affordable housing by advocating for smart growth solutions and incremental infill development that will not only meet our current needs but will be able to accommodate future generations of Oceanside residents.  

Reducing Traffic Congestion

Part and parcel of a smart growth approach to city planning is the need to alleviate traffic congestion before it's ever a problem. This can be done by adopting a balanced approach to traffic management. 


Firstly, our neighborhoods should never serve as cut-throughs for out-of-town traffic. We must provide traffic calming measures in our neighborhoods to thwart this issue.


To reduce the number of vehicles on the road we should be encouraging the expansion of public transit capabilities. However, we must also address existing infrastructure concerns and update traffic control systems to reduce travel times on freeways and surface streets. This balanced approach to transportation management will only be possible if city government honors it's promises to tax paying residents that funds allocated for this purpose will not end up rolled into unrelated projects.



Encouraging Economic Development

My vision of the future of Oceanside is one where residents have well paying, fulfilling jobs near to where they live. In order to make this vision a reality, city government must focus on providing opportunities for businesses to bring jobs to local residents. That's why I'm in support of incentives for Oceanside based businesses which hire local residents. Primarily, I would like to see these incentives directed toward locally owned small businesses whose overburdened owners could use a break, and whose local workforce would appreciate a shorter commute. 

Promoting Public Safety

Our city has grown rapidly in recent years and yet we have not risen to the challenge of ensuring that our police and firefighters have the proper resources and staffing to protect our safety. By adequately provisioning our police and fire departments we can reduce emergency response times and increase the effectiveness of our public safety sector.   These brave men and women put their lives on the line for us every day and we owe them the dignity of facilities, equipment, and training that enable them to protect us while not putting themselves at risk.

Protecting Our Environment 

Our quality of life is closely connected to the environment we live in every day. As such, we must protect our open spaces and safeguard our beaches, oceans and coastlines. City government should play a leading role in protecting these natural resources.  It’s imperative that we invest in alternative energy, green development and resilient infrastructure which will save taxpayer dollars and create new green jobs.


I highly support the Green Oceanside campaigns goal to educate residents, businesses and visitors about how to be better stewards of the earth and to implement programs that protect and conserve precious resources.


I am especially passionate about the zero waste, sustainable food system developed in connection with Green Oceanside efforts which encourages residents and businesses to reduce food waste and recycle leftovers. Currently 40% of all food produced is wasted, while millions suffer from food insecurity. San Diego County ranks sixth in the nation for the number of children facing food insecurity and we must do better.

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